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The BlueTiger Connected Optical Drive Platform offers manufacturers a way to differentiate optical drive-based products via enhanced audio/video processing, simplified connectivity, and the delivery of next-generation premium digital media content. Built upon industry leading hardware, BlueTiger reference solutions are comprised of a ready-for-manufacturing (RFM) hardware platform, a high quality CD/DVD loader, and a customizable software framework that enables manufacturers to significantly improve time-to-market and lower development costs when responding to new market opportunities in media convergence. All BlueTiger CD-modules offer to choose internal or external master clock (selected by a control input) for lowest jitter and audio outputs are available as I2S and SPDIF. The modules are available independently from each other for manufacturing and as spare parts.

Top Loaders
Top Loaders

The Brand new CD-Pro 8 Series is our successor of the CD-Pro 2. It features high quality Aluminium chassis, carbon fiber cover and carbon fiber turn table. Both versions are equipped with a SANYO HD850 OPU and a CD-84 board at the bottom.

CD-Pro 8

The flat top mounted loader.

CD-Pro 8 S

This version features a curb for the CD

Tray Loaders
Tray Loaders

The classic Tray loader availiable in 3 variants: black metal, silver metal and plastic

JPL-2800 Black

Metal tray loader in black

JPL-2800 Silver

Metal tray loader in silver


Plastic loader for low cost applications



Our servo boards control all our loaders and decode the signals


An improvement of the

CD-80. Comes mounted on

CD-Pro8/S by default

JPL-2800 Product Brief


The classic CD-Board.

Will soon be replaced by CD-88.


Supports FLAC and all features supported by CD-80



The SUOS PC-Tool was desigend to support you in your development using our loaders and CD-Boards

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