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The JPSL-33 is a slot-in loading mechanism for use in disc-loading such as CD/SACD*/DVD* separates or home theaters.

A design feature is that the traverse mechanism is directly mounted to the loader chassis without any moving parts (like a subchassis) in between.  This guarantees a vibration- and noise-free operation, even if an unbalanced disc is being played.

In terms of overall dimensions, it has roughly within the bounding box of the JPL-2800 tray loader, so that a set cabinet can be designed to hold either loader.

It is designed to work with the DM-3381 Traverse mechanism and suitable for 12 and 8 CM discs with up to 1.5mm thickness.

Driver software to operate the JPSL-33 is built into the CD-88 and CD-100 boards.

Size & dimensions:

Availability & compatibility:

Samples: Available

Mass production: Available

Compatible servo boards: CD-88, CD-84, CD-80**

Documentation and specification:

For technical documentation, please request SFTP access here:

Or, contact us using our contact form

**  EOL, Available for existing devices and replacements only

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