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Dev-kits for all loader types

We have dev-kits for all our loader types available.

Basic dev-kits include the loader type, servo-board and interface board mounted to an acrylic plate. This dev-kit can only be operated via our PC tool.

Full dev-kits will add the control board (UFB-8X) and a keypad in addition to all above mentioned components. This type of dev-kit can be operated via our PC-Tool and the control board.

Due to the loader type being written into the EEPROM of the servo board, customers can connect any other loader type to the dev-kit.

All dev-kits come shipped with a power supply as well as available accessories.

Basic Dev-kit

UFB-8X and keypad are only  part of full dev-kits, basic dev-kits include the IFB only

All CD-Pro8 styles available for dev-kits

Our latest tray loader, highest end applications

For medium priced tray loading sets

For slot loading sets

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