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Q: Can any of your products play SACD?

A: No, while the OPU in all our modules might in theory support SACD, none of our servoboards are SACD capable.

Q:  Which audio outputs are supported?

A: The IFB outputs SPDIF, while our servo-boards output I²S

Q: Will CD-80 still be available?

A: CD-80 will still be available for existing sets. However, the code will no longer be maintained. For new developments, please use the CD-88

Q: When shall I use CD-84 and when shall I use CD-88?

A: Use CD-84 only for CD-Pro8, and CD-88 for all other loader types

Q: What is the difference between CD-84 and CD-88?

A: Primarily the shape. In addition, CD-88 uses connectors for the ribbon cables whereas on the CD-84 the cables are soldered directly onto the board.

Q: What about MOQs and samples?

A: MOQs vary from product to product. Samples can be purchased without regards to MOQ

Q: I want to start development. Do I have to purchase a dev-kit or can I just purchase samples instead?

A: You do not have to purchase a dev-kit at all. However, a dev-kit contains everything you need to start developing.

Q: What are your shipping terms for new customers?

A: Prepayment, Ex-Works

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